Audit finds deficiencies, leaks in roofs of 88 percent of NYCHA buildings

An audit by the office of the New York City Comptroller found serious problems in the roofs of 88 percent of the New York City Housing Authority buildings that were sampled.

According to Comptroller Scott Stringer, NYCHA has also wasted money repairing or replacing roofs that were already under warranty. 

"NYCHA's essentially lighting money on fire by investing millions in roof repairs when it doesn't have to," Stringer said. 

Now, Stringer is asking for the federal monitor who is overseeing NYCHA housing to review all 15 of his office's audits on the city's public housing and for Mayor De Blasio to fire NYCHA management.

"He should take this audit, dump it on the desk and say 'enough is enough.'" Stringer said.

FOX 5 NY reached out Mayor Bill de Blasio's office and NYCHA, who said in a statement that "Comptroller Stringer's audit and recommendations are consistent with what the Authority has been aware of and addressing through new systems we are already implementing."