Atlantic City police confiscate more than 60 toy guns

Atlantic City police have confiscated 62 toy guns from a store on the Boardwalk.  On Monday, officer assigned to the Tourism District Unit carried out the raid.

Police say the toys on sale at Bags and Accessories at 1311 Boardwalk appeared real, with the exception of orange tips at the end of the barrels. But, police say the tips are easily removed and that could lead people to perceive that the toys are real weapons.

Officials claim that fake guns have been used in robberies in the city.

In September 2014, the city adopted an ordinance that prohibits the sale of imitation  or toy firearms.

The store's owner, identified as Naman Rafi, was issued a summons for violating the ordinance.

Police are asking anyone with information about stores selling fake guns to call the criminal investigations section at 609-347-5766.