At Seabrook trial, Jona Rechnitz testifies about lying

Former correction union head Norman Seabrook spent another day on trial in federal court but once again the government's star witness made waves with a new round of pay-for-play allegations, this time stretching to Westchester County.

On trial on bribery charges, Seabrook casually walked out of federal court Monday as if he did not have a care in the world. 

Jona Rechnitz was still on the stand, admitting he lied to Seabrook, lied to his wife, lied to relatives to con them into a Ponzi scheme, and that he lied to do business.

What did he think about Rechnitiz admitting he was a liar in so many ways?

"God is good," Seabrook told Fox 5. "God is good."

Mayor Bill de Blasio, still dogged by Rechnitz's pay-for-play allegations, has repeatedly said that Rechnitz lied about getting access to him in exchange for a $100,000 donation.

"It has been investigated -- there were no actions taken by any investigatory authorities. We have run a clean administration, an administration of integrity and what did we focus on?" de Blasio said. "We focused on getting pre-K for our kids, we focused on achieving affordable housing for hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, we focused on trying to win back the state Senate for the Democrats." 

With election day about a week away, Rechnitz has become an issue in a Westchester County race. incumbent Republican County Executive Rob Astorino, who accepted a $15,000 donation from Rechnitz in 2013, addressed accusations by his opponent that he was given a Rolex watch by him as well.

"I bought a watch, it was down at the Diamond District.  And I paid for the watch," Astorino said. "They offered me free, I said no. This is what I can afford. I paid for it. It's used. We have the previous owner and that's that."

Prosecutors allege Seabrook accepted $60,000 in cash to steer union investments to Rechnitz and his Platinum Partners firm. But on Monday, Rechnitz admitted he lied to Seabrook about being a partner.