Assaults on dogs in Midtown? Two dogs randomly kicked, one unconscious

Atlanta Police are looking for the man they believe kicked two dogs in the head for no reason, knocking one of them unconscious.

According to the police report, two dogs were kicked just a few hours and blocks apart in Midtown last week.

“I thought he was dead,” said Amber Yandow whose dog Rocky was unconscious after being kicked.  “His eyes were open, he wasn’t responding to my touch or anything.” “I screamed somebody help, call 911.”

Yandow said Rocky did not lunge at the man or anything like that. The assault happened on 12th Street near Juniper Street.

According to the Atlanta Police report, a man at the scene took pictures of who investigators call a “suspect.” Officers said they want to talk to the man in the pictures that they released to FOX 5.

Investigators said just a few hours earlier on Peachtree Street and 10th Street another dog was kicked.

“I was so stunned,” said Sara Fernald whose 10-month-old puppy was also kicked in the head. “I went like, that was so awful and he looked back at with his hands out like this, like oh well.”

Both women are hoping to raise awareness in an area where several people walk their dogs and will be more cautious after this traumatizing experience.

“I used to teach self-defense for women and I got to tell you it has not been on my radar to be alert to someone randomly kicking my dog,” said Fernald.