Artist says his SUV is his workshop and much more | Alternate Siders

Many artists take their work on the road but Richard Barr takes his Honda CRV, or Ruby as he affectionately calls call it, on the road in search of inspiration and materials to create his art.

Ruby and Richard travel together, often pulling over to scoop up roadside treasures; treasures which Richard turns in works of art. Richard's favorite medium is mangled tire, the more beat up the better.

"If I see a piece that looks like it has great potential, not just your average blown tire, one that has been really mangled and tread upon, then that is the one I go for," he said.

Richard creates furies—decorated, painted, strung and hung shards of mangled tires. He creates mobiles, and standing artworks, and decorates Ruby's hood with a fury of her own.

"Ruby is multifunctional—she is my horse, my storage, my workshop, spare guest bedroom," Richard said, "my showpiece for my pop up art shows, which I do on the roof of the car and on the hood of the car."

But Rudy's appeal is more than skin deep.

"Ruby makes my art possible because she allows me to pick up things and keep producing something that could be irrelevant, but when I am lifting and moving and getting out of the car it's very healthy for me," Richard said. "And then when I do something that's is extraordinary, then I have the emotional satisfaction and Ruby makes it all possible."

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