Artist objects to Tom Brady sketch on skirts, mugs

Who could forget the Picassoesque sketch of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady during the Deflategate hearings? Funny memes flooded social media but there's one person who is still not laughing. Jane Rosenberg is the artist behind the infamous depiction. She hired a lawyer after her sketch became a fashion statement.

She says it is not OK for somebody to steal her or an artist's work and then sell it on merchandise. She had a lawyer send a cease-and-desist letters. The sketch is everywhere on everything. Just Google "Tom Brady sketch" and you'll see that is now on T-shirts, mugs and even skirts. However, now when you try to buy the items the link no longer works.

Rosenberg says she doesn't know if she would license the image for sale of souvenirs. She does know one thing: love it or loathe it, the sketch is hers.