Art thief drives stolen car to D.C. to seek a presidential pardon

A convicted art thief has been arrested after driving to Washington in a stolen car to demand a pardon from President Obama, cops say.

Marcus Patmon, 45, was arrested in Arlington, Virginia, Sunday after the car he'd driven there from Miami was flagged as stolen by local police.

Police told reporters that Patmon was in the area to "meet Eric Holder," and ask the Obama administration for a pardon before Donald Trump took the oath of office Friday.

Among other holes in his plan: Eric Holder hasn't been attorney general since 2015. He was replaced by Loretta Lynch.

Patmon was charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Back in 2009, Patmon pleaded guilty to charges he stole several works of art, including Picasso etchings, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Patmon was arrested after a buyer found the deal fishy and contacted authorities.

He served about two years in prison before his released in 2012.