Art classes let youth address police brutality

Art classes are helping at-risk students find a path to a brighter future. Who owns the solutions of tomorrow? I heard about an interesting program that might hold some answers and had to check it out.

Publicolor, a long-term development program focused on addressing the needs of minority students from some of New York's poorest neighborhoods, is tackling the topic of police brutality. I went to the Manhattan offices to join the conversation and to rock the boat of thought.

They are in high school or fresh out. They recently finished the program's Summer Design Studio on the campus of Pratt University.

One assignment presented them with the challenge addressing police and community relationships using color and design tools learned in the course. They came up with a safe house.

Because of incidents in Baton Rouge and Minnesota, Eric Garner and others here at home, they are finding solutions. Some might call it a pipe dream. Others may say it's brilliant.

Acknowledging what young people know and turning to them for solutions-oriented dialogue.