Army warns not to wear uniforms to WWII anniversary events

The United States Army command in Europe is warning personnel who plan to attend events connected to the Battle of the Bulge to not wear their uniforms.

Belgium holds a yearly tribute to the soldiers who took part in the bloodiest battle of WWII for the United States.

Celebrations begin in Bastogne in mid-December.

A release to soldiers says:  "In light of the recent terrorist attacks, Army Europe's Antiterrorism and Force Protection Office is reminding personnel about the importance of taking appropriate actions to ensure personal safety while taking part in off-post celebrations and public events."

The Bastogne events usually encourage attendees to wear their military uniforms.

Current policies prohibit the wear of uniforms off-installation without general officer approval.

The Army says the uniform restrictions don't mean personnel can't participate, it just means they can't wear their duty uniforms.

"The Bastogne event organizers also encourage the wear of re-enactment uniforms," Keith Horne, force protection specialist said. "Current policy does not specifically restrict the wear of these types of uniforms, but participants must refrain from altering current military uniforms in an effort to circumvent this policy."

The Department of State recently updated its worldwide travel alert, indicating that ISIS and other terrorist groups and self-inspired persons continue to plan terrorist attacks in multiple regions.

They warn that large events such as the Bastogne commemoration may appear as targets of opportunity.