Are you afraid to know what's in your hot dog?

Summer means barbecues and barbecues mean one of America’s most iconic foods, the hot dog! But are you too scared to find out what’s inside one of America’s favorite summertime snacks?

If you are, good news! You’re not alone. According to a survey from organic meat company Applegate, 43 percent of Americans say they are scared to find out what’s in their frankfurter and more than 33 percent of the nation avoid hot dogs entirely because they think they are made with low-quality meat, chemicals and artificial products. The survey also says women are more skeptical than men, with nearly 50 percent of women too scared to find out what’s in their hot dogs, compared to just 37 percent of men.

Nevertheless, however skeptical people may seem, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council says Americans still consume roughly 20 billion hot dogs per year.