App helps seniors record memories and wisdom to pass on to youth

Bob and Bessie Bianchi have been married for 76 years, and they have a story about how they got married.

“We have 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren,” Bessie told Fox 13. “We got married on $86 that he won in a craps game.”

Now, Bob and Bessie are taking part in a new app called Storywise to make sure stories from seniors, like theirs, get passed down to future generations. The app is designed to allow seniors to record their histories, so that future generations might benefit from their wisdom. 

More than 20,000 seniors are taking part in the program. Seniors are supplied with cards that help prompt stories about their lives. Caroline Kardaras, a director at a retirement home that participates in the program said she thinks the program is helpful for seniors, too.

“It is a way for seniors to pass on their wisdom and knowledge,” Kardaras said, “We always want them to engage their brain and we want them to remember their memories because that’s what they have.”

At 96-years-old, Bob thinks the people behind Storywise might be onto something.

“It might help young people settle, or at least come together on their problems,” he said.