AP FACT CHECK: Lost ship didn't reappear in Bermuda Triangle

A ship that vanished in the Bermuda Triangle more than 90 years ago hasn't suddenly reappeared near Cuba despite various stories circulating online claiming that it has.

The S.S. Cotopaxi hasn't been seen since Nov. 29, 1925, when it left Charleston, South Carolina, bound for Havana with a crew of more than 30 and a load of coal. The steamer ran into a violent tropical storm. The Associated Press wrote two days later that the ship reported water in its hold and said it was listing badly. It later sent out distress signals and wasn't heard from again.

A website named Klixony posted a story last week claiming that Cuba's coast guard spotted the ship on the water and intercepted it. Petty Officer 3rd Class Eric Woodall, a spokesman for Miami's U.S. Coast Guard office, which works closely with Cuban authorities, told the AP on Monday that his agency has received no reports of the S.S. Cotopaxi being recovered.

Numerous versions of the story have been posted over the past two years. A May 2015 story first appeared in World News Daily Report, an admitted publisher of hoaxes.


This story is part of an ongoing Associated Press effort to fact-check claims in suspected false news stories.