Antwan and Christina talk fare increases with straphangers

When you head back to work just remember, your commute is going to cost a little more.

MTA rate hikes went into effect over the weekend. That means prices for the subways, buses and commuter railroads all went up.

Single subway and bus rides are up a quarter to $2.75.

Monthly Metro cards are now $116 and 50 cents.

Metro-North and Long Island Railroad riders will see a four percent increase.

Tolls on bridges and tunnels are also going up.

EZ pass users will see a hike of 4 percent.

As you might imagine, many riders are not happy about the increase.

We caught up with a lot of people who say the fare hikes are unfair.

Our mission was to find out how New Yorkers really felt about the hikes and if service was really as bad as they say.

A lot of people we talked to didn't even know about the fare hikes. Many got a rude awakening.

"That's unbelievable" one straphanger said.

"It's a lot. I'm not happy, not thrilled about it" said another.

Not only are those fares going up and up and up, but so seem to be all the delays and train issues fueling the frustration.

We found more unhappy straphangers at the 6 train Hunter College Station being told there were no uptown trains.

Also, on the loudspeakers, there was a familiar chorus.

"Ladies and gentlemen - trains are not running uptown."

Subway lines not running regular routes over the weekend included the 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, A,C,E,N,Q,F,D and S.

And the MTA is lobbying for an additional $20 billion dollars with another $5 billion for enhancements - which Governor Cuomo will rule on in the coming weeks.

And If you need advice on getting the most bang for your Metro card buck, the MTA has a site that can help.

According to the MTA, riders should put $5.50 or more on a card at a time, to get an 11 percent bonus.

That bonus lowers your cost per swipe.

If you take 13 or more rides a week, consider buying the unlimited weekly card.