Antonio Banderas, Lou Diamond Phillips talk about 'The 33'

The journey of the Chilean miners seems stranger than fiction. Thirty-three grown men survived on tuna and water for weeks before they squeezed into a 21-inch-wide capsule to finally escape. While the movie itself is a missed opportunity, if ever there were a miracle made for the big screen this would be it.

Five years ago, a terrifying collapse left 33 miners trapped under the Chilean dessert for 69 days. The new film "The 33" tells the story news cameras couldn't capture.

Lou Diamond Phillips and Antonio Banderas filmed the movie in actual Colombian mines, getting a small taste of what their characters went through. Banderas plays Mario Sepulveda, the fearless leader of the miners

After more than two months of painstaking trial and error, over a billion people watched as all 33 men finally emerged one by one from the capsule and became instant celebrities -- something Banderas has dealt with nearly all his life.

"The 33" hits theaters this weekend but you can wait to see it on demand.