Anti-terror raids continue in Europe

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Belgium police continued raids on dozens of places near Brussels, but so far they have not found Salah Abdeslam, who is wanted for helping to carry out the deadly attacks in Paris. His brother was one of the suicide bombers.

During a violent raid in Paris last week, French police killed the man behind the plot and captured others. But police say Abdeslam slipped out of France and could be hiding in Belgium or Germany. Schools, shops and subways in Brussels remained closed as part of a security lockdown.

The French president and British prime minister met in Paris. Prime Minster David Cameron plans to ask parliament for permission to join in airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

The ISIS threat has cities around the world on alert. In New York City, a previously scheduled terror attack drill included a fake suicide bomber added since the terror attacks in Paris.

The department of homeland security said no credible threat against the U.S. has been detected, and that people should continue their holiday plans. Rep. Peter King of New York said we have to be vigilant.