Anti-terror patrol on Long Island

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Nassau County Lt. Michael Kelly and Police Officer Robert Gibbons with the Bureau of Special Operations took Fox 5 on a ride along.  Wearing bullet-resistant vests to be safe, we hit the streets in an unmarked Suburban as part of the department's anti-terrorism vigilance.

"Any place right now is vulnerable," Kelly said. "That's why we need to constantly be vigilant."

It's been less than one week since the Pulse nightclub massacre when a gunman opened fire inside killing 49 people in Orlando. While there have been no credible threats locally, police departments are stepping up patrols to monitor suspicious behavior. 

"The railroads are always a soft target where the masses gather and where we try to make it harder by showing a strong presence," Kelly said.

It is not only train stations. Police say malls, government buildings, schools, hotels and motels are also monitored. Some of the things they look for are packages left unattended, vehicles left behind in parking lots, and people who may be overdressed on a warm day.

Mosques and other places of worship are also monitored especially during high holy days like Ramadan that ends next month.

"We do counter-surveillance in an attempt to prevent anybody from disrupting the house of worship and the congregation," Kelly said.

Meetings are held on a daily basis to assess the county's threat level. The highest priority: making sure everyone is safe.