Animal rescuers help terrified deer with head stuck in jar

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Frankie Floridia of Strong Island Animal Rescue League helped a deer whose head got stuck in a plastic pretzel jar. (Courtesy of Strong Island Animal Rescue League)

An adult female deer's head got stuck in an orange Utz Halloween pretzel jar on Wednesday. Since that day, the talk about the deer in a dire situation flooded social media as people posted her whereabouts.

The last sighting was Rosewood Road in Rocky Point on Monday afternoon. Frankie Floridia with Strong Island Animal Rescue League stepped in. 

"We knew that time was of the essence and we had to get this jar off its face, this bucket," Floridia said. "She stood up, turned around and I knew she wanted to bolt. She was going to go. It would've been a couple of days of trying to find her. She may not have survived five days without eating, drinking. I knew I had to act then."

As Floridia approached the spooked deer, it jumped right into him. He then tackled the animal, pushed off the jar, and released it. She then bolted.

Just two weeks ago, Strong Island Animal Rescue League saved a raccoon with a peanut butter jar stuck on its head.

The rescue league wants you to be careful what you throw out.

"Please dispose of your recyclables the proper way," Floridia said. "Cut them up, break them down, make sure nothing will stick their face in there."

Floridia said the cold air may have actually helped the deer because she may have otherwise overheated.

The deer scurried off without the jar and is expected to survive.