'An absolute tragedy': Farmingdale community left reeling by I-84 bus crash

Parents, students, and teachers at Farmingdale High School in Nassau County have been left reeling in the aftermath of a tragic bus crash on I-84 in Orange County that left one person dead and at least 43 injured. 

The bus, the first of six, was carrying students to Greeley, Pennsylvania for band camp.

First responders had to use ladders and ropes to rescue students from the crashed bus.

News of the crash began to spread on social media apps among students in Farmingdale, with some initially thinking the incident was a joke.

A teacher who knew many of the students spoke with FOX 5 NY, calling the incident "an absolute tragedy."

"How are they going to recover from this?" the teacher said. "These are my babies. They think they're big and tough, they're not, they're babies."