Amazon reconsidering NYC headquarters: Report

Amazon officials were reportedly giving a second thought to building a headquarters in Long Island City, according to the Washington Post.

Mounting critcism and push-back from politicians appeared to be taking its toll on the e-commerce behemoth.

Amazon executives reportedly discussed reassesseing the plan and exploring other options, according to the Washington Post.

“The question is whether it’s worth it if the politicians in New York don’t want the project, especially with how people in Virginia and Nashville have been so welcoming,” said one person familiar with the company’s plans to the Post.

Among the most vocal oppponents is Sen. Michael Giannaris who was recently named to the state board with the power to reject the project.

Giannaris has called the plan to award Amazon billions of dollars in tax credits and direct grants "offensive" to residents and taxpayers struggling with aging subways, overcrowded schools and a lack of affordable housing.

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the plan. They touted 25,000 new jobs and millions in tax revenue.

So far the company had not purchased any property in Long Island City.