Allison Mack released on bail; faces sex trafficking charges

A federal judge granted actress Allison Mack bail while she faces sex trafficking charges in connection with her involvement in a secretive group in upstate New York. The former Smallville star looked calm in court as she answered the judge's questions on Tuesday.

Federal agents arrested Mack on Friday morning. She pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking later that day.

Federal prosecutors say she worked as a so-called slave master recruiting women for a cult-like group called NXIVM. Mack allegedly forced them to have sex with group leader Keith Raniere, who sold himself as a self-improvement guru to the stars.

Federal officials say Mack and Raniere operated the sex cult in Albany. The victims were branded with Raniere initials, prosecutors say, and that Mack would starve the women until they fit Raniere's "sexual ideal." Raniere has also denied wrongdoing.

Mack will leave New York and fly to California where she will be placed under home detention. She will be living with her parents Melinda and Jonathan Mack, who cosigned the $5 million bond.

Her mother was in the courtroom. On her way out, she refused to speak to reporters. Mack's lawyer also didn't want to address the case, saying only: "There's nothing to say."

Mack was released with an ankle bracelet so she can be monitored. The judge told her to stay off social media and not speak to anyone connected to NXIVM.

Mack played Chloe, Clark Kent's best friend, on Smallville, which aired on the WB/CW for 10 seasons, ending in 2011. The series chronicled a young Kent coming to terms with his powers and developing into a hero.