Alleged serial killer Rex Heuermann in court today, says he's reviewing the evidence

Rex Heuermann, the 59-year-old architect charged with killing at least three sex workers, appeared in court Wednesday morning.

Heuermann was seen handcuffed, in a jacket suit and khaki pants. 

Heuermann broke his silence when asked by the judge if he'd been able to review the evidence against him to which he said he had been averaging "two to three" hours a day.

Newsday/James Carbone

Prior to this court hearing - the defense had well over 8000 pages of evidence, and today they were given an additional 5,000 including grand jury testimony and exhibits, property warrants, subpoenas, DNA reports, and memo books from officers.

Previously, investigators said they were able to confirm one of the hairs on one of the bodies was Heuermann's, by matching it to a pizza box he'd thrown away – matching his DNA through a leftover pizza crust.

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Detectives had previously discovered the bodies wrapped in hunting camouflage burlap within a quarter mile of each other on a stretch of Gilgo Beach.

At that time, they made a discovery that would prove crucial to the case – five hairs found on three victims.

More than a decade ago, the hairs were so degraded that they couldn't be tested, however, fortunately, they weren't discarded.

Advancements in what's known as mitochondrial DNA, have proved to be valuable in cracking the Gilgo Beach case wide open.

Now, the defense said the latest evidence has been countless hours of surveillance from outside Heuermann’s house and have asked for prosecutors to remove the watermark initially placed on all evidence. 

There were no updates on a decision to charge Heuermann with the murder of a fourth victim.  

Heuermann is due back in court on November 15. 

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Newsday/James Carbone

The 'Gilgo Four'

The bodies of the "Gilgo Four" were located within a quarter-mile of one another near Gilgo Beach in December 2010.

In 2022, Suffolk County Police released new information on victims Maureen Brainard-Barnes, Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, and Amber Lynn Costello including personal information and their last known whereabouts.

Shannan Gilbert, a 24-year-old sex worker, vanished on May 1, 2010. A police officer and his cadaver dog were looking for her body in the thicket along nearby Ocean Parkway when they happened upon the remains of a different woman. Within days, three other bodies were found, all within a short walk of one another.

Gilbert's disappearance and search is what ultimately led to the discovery of several remains in the area.

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