'Aggressive' squirrels attack at Lower Manhattan park

FOX 5 News cameras captured exclusive video of an "aggressive" squirrel biting a little girl who tried to feed the rodent in Rockefeller Park in Lower Manhattan.

Signs from the Battery Park City Authority have been plastered on every entrance to the playground warning park-goers "Don't feed the squirrels!" 

The latest attack comes just a week after the New York City Health Department received a report of a scratch caused by a squirrel.  That prompted the warning for humans to keep their distance. 

But even those staying back encountered that same squirrel who attacked the little girl go after a mom trying to protect her son's backpack while the little guy did everything he could do to find food.

The city health department says it receives about 30 reports of squirrel bites a year and that the most aggressive squirrels are the ones that have already been fed by humans and are looking for more food.