Advisory group releases report on diversity in NYC schools

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s school diversity advisory group released a 118-page report on Monday to help tackle the city’s issues with school segregation.

The report focuses on middle schools and emphasized the importance of student’s voices when searching for solutions. However, the report does not mention the Mayor and Schools Chancellor’s controversial plan to end the specialized exam for schools like Stuyvesant and Bronx Science. 

Some critics, like Reverend Kirsten John Foy, say the mayor sought to kill the entrance exam purely to score political points.

“The top tier of our students don’t need political inference to help them to succeed. It is the kids who are not succeeding that need us to focus our attentions,” said Foy.

Meanwhile, sources have told FOX 5 NY that Mayor De Blasio has made an offer to Albany, that if they agree to get rid of the entrance exam, he will put gifted and talented programs in every school.