Adopting senior dogs and cats

The need for senior animal adoption is great. Often senior dogs and cats are overlooked. Jessica Vaccaro of at Animal Care Centers of NYC says many people have misconceptions about senior pets. But she says that seniors can make great pets because they are already house-trained and often know basic obedience. She says one of the benefits of adopting a senior pet is you know what you're getting into.

Vaccaro says many times people turn away from the older furry friends because they believe there is something wrong with them. They automatically think the pets are sick and are afraid of large medical bills. But she says the center has animals 8, 9, 10 years old that are healthy.

These dogs and cats just want a forever home. Animal Care Centers of NYC has a high success rate finding them homes but they're always looking to increase those numbers. Vaccaro says small senior dogs get adopted quicker than larger dogs because of their size.

Starting in May, Animal Care Centers of NYC will launch the Hidden Treasures Program, which will give incentives to those who adopt not only senior pets but also other pets that are overlooked.