Additional security cameras proposed for Long Island parks

More security cameras will be coming to parks in Suffolk County, Long Island.

With vinyl siding protruding from the dirt and graffiti drawn on a rock, Suffolk County legislators have proposed a way to add more oversight at county parks.

“Your tax dollars are paying for the parks and we're here to take care of them. We need to make sure they're safe and make sure we're good stewards,” said Legislator Sarah Anker.

Legislators proposed a Parks Watch Program, which is similar to a neighborhood watch asking residents to report illegal dumping or graffiti.

“When people know they're being watched, it's less likely to happen,” said Legislator Kara Hahn.

The Suffolk County Police Department said they plan to install cameras to monitor suspicious behavior. Police Commissioner Timothy Sini said some contractors turn to illegal dumping because it's a cheaper way to get rid of material, but that's not the answer. 

“If you're thinking about skirting the law to increase your profit, think again,” he said.

The resolution is expected to be voted on, and if approved it will go into effect as soon as possible.