Adams addresses crime, homelessness, drugs in State of City Address

Mayor Eric Adams in his State of the City Address says he wants to crack down on repeat offenders and make changes to the state’s discovery laws to speed up the trial process.

"We all agree that no one should be in jail simply because they cannot afford to post bail, but we should also believe that we cannot allow a small number of violent individuals to continue terrorizing our neighborhoods," Mayor Adams said.

But this won’t be an easy task.

Bail reform in NY

He notably did not mention making changes to bail reform, a fight he lost last year in Albany after being met with strong pushback from state lawmakers. But he did point to overwhelmed district attorneys, who many say are in need of extra resources.

"Justice delayed is justice denied," Adams said. "Our legal system must ensure that dangerous people are kept off the streets."

His comments were met with mixed reactions from Democratic state lawmakers in attendance who know that while Adams was silent this time on bail reform, he has in the past made it clear that he wants to see changes.

Governor Kathy Hochul in her state of the state address this year said she wants to remove the "least restrictive" standard from the bail laws so that judges can have more "discretion" when setting bail.

"Public safety is obviously critically important to everybody, but I need to see actual words pen to paper than we can talk," State Senator Jamaal Bailey said.

"I think that we should go after recidivism, but I do not believe that we should change bail reform," State Assemblywoman Latrice Walker explained.

NYC homeless crisis

When it comes to the homeless population in the city, Adams says he wants to create clubhouses – "places that provide peer support and community, access to services, and employment and educational opportunities."

He also wants to offer free comprehensive health care to those who have spent more than 7 days in the city’s shelters.  

"This will make New York the first city in the country to do so," Adams said. "We're not going to wait for people in crisis to show up at the ER. We will provide the care they need when they need it."

Illegal pot shops in NYC

The mayor also promised to crack down on illegal weed shops in the city.

"Let's be clear, man, you must be smoking something because that’s not going to happen," Adams said

And Adams wants to redesign outdoor dining sheds, while also making more room for pedestrians.

"It’s time to be retire those COVID cabins and replace them with something better," Adams said.

The mayor’s address was packed with high profile politicians.  Adams had high praise for Governor Kathy Hochul and listed off his allies in city and state government.

The mayor made mention that the Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie wasn’t at the event because he was sick, but notably did not mention the Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins who was not in attendance.