Abandoned barges of garbage in Flushing Bay

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Most people walking by Flushing Bay behind Citi Field in Queens wouldn't even notice abandoned barges of piles of garbage. No one seems to know who the barges belong to. That is one of the main problems while these barges remain adrift since 2009.

Randy Ng, a member of the group Guardians of Flushing Bay, says the barges, which broke apart recently, are not only an eyesore, they pose an environmental hazard.

The bay is used by hundreds of boaters for recreational use. Ng coaches paddle racing to high school students.

The barges are located on a federal channel therefore the U.S Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for removing them. U.S. Rep. Joe Crowley believes the barges also pose a hazard to commercial vessels coming through.

This isn't an isolated problem. Abandoned vessels litter in Jamaica Bay as well. This is a widespread problem nationwide.