Abandoned baby found in grass at night

An abandoned baby boy was found lying in the grass in Washington State on Monday.

Police said the approximately 3-month-old baby was found after a passerby heard what they thought was an animal in distress.

As the person investigated, using their cell phone flashlight to see where the noise was coming from, they found the baby and called 911.

Lakewood Police quickly responded to the scene and said the child, who was dressed in a onesie that read “little brother,” was cold but otherwise was in good health.

Original attempts to locate the child's parents failed, but hours later, police detained an unidentified couple, who are being interviewed, King5 reported

"In my 26 years of law enforcement I don't think I've seen a child abandoned in a yard like this," said Lt. Chris Lawler. "It's extremely fortunate that somebody was going by and got to the child before his core temperature dropped or something else happened."

The boy was given over to Child Protective Services.