A woman's mission to give special scarves to the homeless

One woman in Manhattan prepares all year to make the holidays a bit warmer for the homeless. She knits scarves which also carry a special message. 

Dana Zukofsky works full time as a financial consultant for restaurants. It requires a lot of traveling and meeting deadlines. 

But when she has time to breathe, she knits. It's something her grandmother taught her to do.

"It’s just sad to walk on the streets in the cold and know you have something at home to keep you warm and some people don't," said Zukofsky. 

About six years ago Zukofsky started anonymously donating solely to The Bowery Mission, which serves the homeless and hungry here in New York. 

"Instead of going person to person, by bringing them to The Mission during the Christmas holiday, everyone can have a gift. They all get a label that says 'made with love' so they know someone made them for them," said Zukofsky.

To date, Zukofsky has knitted 300 scarves specifically for the homeless. She personally delivers them during Christmas every year to The Bowery Mission.

But it was during this specific visit, she got to hear first hand what her donations mean.

"Thank you it’s a pleasure to meet the anonymous donor. I’ll tell you it’s an honor and privilege for us," said Anthony Rochester, who works at The Bowery Mission.  "It’s heartwarming because of the people who need them. We have so many people who go through so much and been through so many different situations."

Those who came outside with scarves wrapped around their neck certainly felt the love Dana Zukofsky is giving.