A date turns into a wedding the same night

A Virginia woman received two epic surprises this month as she got engaged and married in the same night.

Lorenzo Trujillo of Leesburg, Va., told his girlfriend, Jenn, that they were going on a date on July 7. Little did she know, he had been coordinating a surprise wedding for them.

The two members of the U.S Army Band had already obtained their marriage license, but had no definitive plans for a wedding day, according to HuffPost.

The Virginia couple went to a wine bar where Trujillo popped the question... and she said yes.

But the surprises were not over, as the newly engaged couple left the bar and proceeded to a neighbor’s house where they would be pronounced husband and wife.

“We’re doing this now?” Jenn is heard asking in a video of the night.

Inside the home were the pairs’ closest friends, as well as a Justice of the Peace.

The video shows the unforgettable moment where they said, “I do.”

‘I'm like, 'How did this all come together!? I've been engaged for like five minutes!’" Jenn told Inside Edition.

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To top it off, Jenn just happened to be wearing white for their date, not realizing she was about to be a bride.

“It was just such a freak thing that happened,” Lorenzo told Inside Edition. “It was just luck, dumb luck.”

The couple wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It was perfect,” she said.