95-year-old veteran still shows up to work every day

Twenty-one years ago, Harry Abramowitz retired at the age of 74. 

Three months later, he took at new job at an independent medical evaluation company now called ExamWorks.

Now, just two days before his 95th birthday, Harry can still be found at his desk in Roseland, NJ performing his duties as an administrative clerk.

Driving from his apartment on Central Park South (that he’s had since 1963) through the Lincoln tunnel to work every day, the World War II veteran has never lacked for work ethic or a desire to help others. 

Born in Brooklyn in 1924, he joined the army in 1943, rising to the rank of Corporal and setting up the first hospital to use penicillin.

After the war, Harry returned to New York and took a job selling vacuum cleaners.

“I was very good at it,” Abramowitz said. “And they had contests. I won all the contests.”

Abramowitz later owned a vacuum cleaner company of his own, followed by a finance company and a maintenance chemical company, then selling maintenance chemicals, pay-phone booths and joining the liability and workers compensation claims business.

“I don’t know,” Abramowitz said about his extensive professional history. “I enjoy working.”

And Abramowitz says he plans to keep working at ExamWorks with what he says are the nicest co-workers he’s had in his 77 years working. 

“Life goes on,” Abramowitz said. “I’m always looking forward. I still look forward to the future.”