6-year-old painter channels the late Bob Ross

Noah Snow is channeling his inner Bob Ross, the late American painter, with a signature style and soothing voice, known his TV show "The Joy of Painting" in the 1980s and 1990s—before Noah was even born.

"So for me when I paint I do 10 to 20 minutes that's how much it takes for me to complete a painting," he said.

He knows the brushes to use and all the techniques. The 6-year-old has only been doing this for four months.

"He started imitating Bob Ross and we said it's cute, he has an idol," Lauren Snow, his mom, said. "Then we took a step back and we said it's really good. We were laughing at first and then we were shocked."

Noah wakes up early to paint before school almost every day and takes lessons in the Bob Ross method once a week. He's what you'd call a super fan—dressing up as his idol for Halloween and making sure his colors match those that Bob would always use.

Friends, family end even people they haven't heard from in ages like his work so much they decided to sell it online. The money made goes right back into his art supplies so he can continue doing what he loves.

He sticks to land and seascapes, cabins but not houses, struggles with fine-motor skills and focus. But when he paints he wants to prove to other kids his age you can do anything.

"If they can see me doing it then they can believe they'll do it if they're just a kid," he said.

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