5th graders head to the 'office' for a day

Friday was the first and only day at the office for some fifth graders from Massapequa.

Students focused on financial literacy and learning about the world of work through a hands-on experience that simulates an actual workplace environment. It's known as Commerce Plaza.

"Now they get to experience what it's like to write a check, go to an ATM, wait on a line, get a paycheck, work and get reimbursed for that," said Jamie Bogenshutz, the executive director of YES Community Counseling Center.

The day out of the classroom is a favorite field trip for many students who spend time preparing, applying and interviewing for the positions with their teacher. They bring to life what they learn when they visit.

And just like work in the real world, the students even dress the part.

The program also had a business that promotes going green, another one for charitable giving, and even a local paper that captures the essence of the day.