5 arrests during Santa-Con 2015

Commissioner Bill Bratton said you can be naughty but you have to be nice. This year, Santa-Con was a little different because organizers were working with the police. Despite those efforts, five people were arrested and 106 summonses were issued during the bar crawl.

Santa-Con 2015 kicked off in a park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Saturday morning with some sports and music.

The weather might of been too warm for Santa and his reindeer but the hundreds of Santas we spoke to didn't seem to mind it one bit.

The sea of red and green slowly made its way to the East Village bars.

Santa-Con has been criticized over the years by bar owners, local politicians and residents who say the event is about drinking and leads to incidents  of vomiting, public urination, vandalism and fights.

“Everyone is drunk everyone is puking all over the place it's out of control" one resident told us.

One couple we spoke to has been doing this for 4 years.

“"I get their concern but that's not everyone" they said.

This year from what we saw, the Santas and elves were nice and not too naughty amid a heavy police presence.