4 wrongfully convicted men receive $4.2M from state

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — Four men wrongfully convicted of a 1996 shooting in New Haven that left one person dead and two injured have been awarded $4.2 million each.

Carlos Ashe, Johnny Johnson, Darcus Henry and Sean Adams spent almost 17 years in prison before they were released in 2013 when a judge dismissed charges. They sought a settlement under the state's compensation statute on wrongful incarceration.

The state's Claims Commissioner filed a decision Friday ordering the payment.

They were convicted largely on the testimony of a witness who was offered a reduced sentence on unrelated charges in exchange for his testimony, but who said he wasn't offered a deal.

Victor Sipos, who's representing the four men, tells the New Haven Register (http://bit.ly/1ll00ZI) he hopes the decision prevents "similar injustice in the future."