3 generations of doctors deliver 3 generations of Long Island family

Two families on Long Island have a relationship that no one else has because three generations of one family were delivered by obstetricians in the other.

Benjamin Scherer is just a day old. Some may say it was a very special delivery.

Kathy, now known as grandma, was delivered by Dr. Andrew Sherwin over 50 years ago. Although he has since passed, his son, Dr. Steven Sherwin, has been following in his footsteps. He delivered Elyse, Kathy's daughter.

Dr. Steven Sherwin named his daughter after her -- Alyse, with an "A." Following her father and grandfather, she, too, is an OB/GYN at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola.

Dr. Alyse Sherwin was on call the day Elyse went into labor, so she and her dad delivered Benjamin. Three generations of doctors delivered three generations from the same family.

It's a blessing for Elyse and her husband Michael but also for Alyse and her dad.

To keep the tradition alive, who knows if Alyse will one day deliver Benjamin's baby to make it four generations.