2-year-old's gruesome death blamed on grandmother

A Texas grandmother has pleaded guilty to murder charges in the gruesome death of her own 2-year-old grandson.

Patricia Flores is in court this week, a year after the death of her grandson, Lyfe Flores, who was severely burned in a bathtub but was not taken to a hospital for nearly a week.

Flores told police that the boy had climbed into a tub of hot water she was using for cleaning when he sustained the burns. She said she didn't take him to a hospital because as a nursing assistant she believed she could treat the burns herself at home.

Six days after the bathtub incident, doctors said Lyfe arrived to the ER — in a shocking state.

"When you see a patient who’s about to die, they have a look to them. And I've seen several," Cook Children's ER Doctor Catherine Moore testified, according to WFAA. "This young man had that look."

Officer Heather Hudson with the Haltom City Police was among the first at the scene and recalled in court how nearly all the skin had been burned off Lyfe's feet.

"There were black spots, like dead skin or infection. And his genitals and buttocks were burned very badly," Hudson testified.

By the time she called 911, the boy had reportedly gone into shock and was found suffering from internal bleeding, missing teeth and severe burns, some of which had been wrapped using Maxi Pads.

On Monday, Flores pleaded guilty to felony murder. The sentencing phase continues this week and Flores faces between a 5 and 99-year sentence.