2 steak house workers get $50K tips

A 20-percent tip might be the norm for some top-notch waitresses, but two women at Donohue's on the Upper East Side made out even bigger at the end of their shift.

Robert Ellsworth, 85, a wealthy Asian art collector left Maureen Donohue-Peters, 53, and her niece, Maureen Barrie, 28, a total of $100,000 in his will.

The women told the New York Post and Fox 5 that they were stunned.

"I am in a state of shock," Maureen Donohue-Peters, the steak house owner, told Fox 5's Liz Dahlem. "The man was always wonderful to me. He was the nicest man, unassuming man. And that we found in his will that he left me this was astonishing."

Ellsworth, who died last summer, was worth an estimated $200 million.

To everyone at Donohue's, Ellsworth was just Bob. He would sit at the same booth for lunch and then move down to another seat for dinner. He had his favorites on the menu, such as grilled cheese or an omelet, steak or filet, and bourbon.

He reportedly lived in a 20-room apartment on 5th Avenue.

He reportedly left a large chunk of his fortune to a live-in chef and a long-time friend. The Met, New York University, Harvard and Yale were also benefactors named in his will.

Ellsworth ate most of his meals at the steak house. The neighborhood restaurant was a regular spot for Bernie Madoff before he was sent away for life due to his Ponzi Scheme.

Former Tyco head Dennis Kozlowski and his wife were also reportedly customers.

Other famous patrons include Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, Jimmy Fallon and Justice Anthony Kennedy. Donohue-Peters' grandfather and father opened the eatery more than 50 years ago. She said Ellsworth was a regular for decades.

"He was very good friends with my father," she said. "When he went it was the end of an era."

As for the money, Donohue-Peters said she may put it towards a boat. But she'll always remember the man who sat in the booth as a friend, not a customer.

"He was a wonderful man, and I'd like to remember him as a wonderful man and not a gift that he gave out," Donohue-Peters said.