193 LeBron James foundation students offered free tuition at Kent State University for 4 years

Kent State University announced plans on Wednesday to award students in the LeBron James Family Foundation’s I PROMISE network a full ride to the school.

“We are so pleased to take our partnership with the LeBron James Family Foundation to this next level and welcome these students fully into the Kent State family,” Kent State President Todd Diacon said in a press release. 

The university promised free tuition for four years to all eligible students who are part of the oldest I PROMISE class. The school also said it will cover the students’ housing and meal plans for their first year in the program. 

The free tuition program expands upon an existing partnership between Kent State University and the LeBron James Family Foundation in which I PROMISE students attend summer enrichment college prep programs at the university. 

“We have already seen the impressive results that the I PROMISE Network is having on its participating students,” Interim Senior Vice President and Provost Melody Tankersley said. “We are so pleased that Kent State will become the next step in the educational journey of these amazing young people, and so happy that we can start them on their way to exciting careers and lives full of inspiration.”

The oldest I PROMISE class consists of 193 students in their junior year of high school. They will be eligible to start receiving Kent State’s tuition assistance as college freshmen during the 2021-2022 academic year. 

In order to qualify for the program, students must be accepted into Kent State, fill out required financial aid forms and have completed a number of community service hours per semester. 

Kent State will cover all leftover tuition fees under the new program after students receive their financial aid packages. 


FILE: LeBron James answers questions during a press conference on August 8, 2014, in Akron, Ohio, during a ceremony to honor the basketball star. (Photo by Angelo Merendino/Corbis via Getty Images)

To receive funding each year, students must remain in good academic standing, complete a minimum number of credit hours annually and take part in community service or volunteer opportunities.

“The I PROMISE program is built on the ‘earned, not given’ philosophy,” Michele Campbell, executive director of the LeBron James Family Foundation, said. “We are so excited that our students that have worked incredibly hard have earned even more life-changing opportunities to grow and excel.”

The LeBron James Family Foundation I PROMISE program provides mentoring, college and career preparation to over 1,400 students grades three through 10 in Akron, Ohio. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.