15 nurses at Long Island hospital's NICU and labor unit are pregnant

Is pregnancy contagious?

Fox 5 met 14 of the 15 pregnant women who all work as nurses at NYU Winthrop Hospital in the labor and delivery and neonatal intensive care units. They are due to give birth between now and October.

"Sometimes it's not noticeable until I take my sweater off and then they say 'Oh you too!?' said one of the nurses.

"It's looking that way," said another.

About half of the mommies-to-be are having their second or third baby. At least five in the group are having girls, two are expecting boys, as for the others it'll be a surprise.

Management says they've never seen a baby boom like this one.

"A couple of my girls got married within the last year and a half so I was like 'OK the baby train is coming!'" said LaShon Pitter, who is the nurse manager in the NICU.

"We're thrilled to be having our staff members, colleagues having babies," said C.J. Catalano, the nurse manager in the labor and delivery unit. "That's what we do. It's good business for us!"

On top of these 15 women, since October seven other nurses in the New Life Center had their babies. The new moms are slowly coming back in time to deliver the next round.

A similar story recently went viral at Maine Medical Center in Portland where eight out of the nine pregnant labor and delivery nurses are expecting around the same time.