13-week-old puppy survives being thrown from car, burned

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Volunteers have called a 13-week-old puppy "John Doe" after veterinarians believe he suffered painful injuries from being thrown from a car and possibly burned by acid.

From trauma, bruises and open wounds, a team of medical specialists at the Village Vets of Buckhead and volunteer Elle Heaton have been giving the pup round-the-clock care.

Heaton, who has spent years rescuing animals, was given the puppy after her housekeeper found him outside a Smyrna apartment complex. Staff at the clinic took graphic photos of John Doe's wounds. 

"He was not moving at all. As a puppy he should be wiggly and happy and he wasn't moving," she said.

"It's heartbreaking someone could do something to something so innocent," Heaton said.

Veterinarians are monitoring the puppy to see if he needs surgery to remove the damaged skin.

Donors who would like to help with medical expenses can call the Village Vets of Buckhead at 404-844-4824 or donate at their GoFundMe page