11th Avenue traffic pattern suddenly changed

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A day after changing the traffic pattern on 11th Avenue near the Lincoln Tunnel without notice, the Department of Transportation reversed course, but the damage was already done.

Motorists driving along 11th Avenue near the Lincoln Tunnel were met with the surprise traffic pattern Tuesday afternoon.

Southbound 11th Avenue was one-way only from 57th Street to 44th Street from about Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday morning.

The Department of Transportation later said the change was intended to help with traffic congestion around the tunnel as part of the de Blasio administration's Vision Zero plan.

There were reports of traffic officers issuing summonses along the stretch to drivers going the wrong way.

By Wednesday morning, 11th Avenue from 52nd Street to 57th Street was back to two-ways. The change to a one-way traffic pattern would begin in two weeks, said the DOT.

The department issued a statement about the changes:

"The one-way conversion up to 52nd Street is complete and is currently in effect. There five day grace period is in regards to ticketing and as you know, NYPD is aware of the recent changes. Please note, the conversion from 52 Street to 57 Street will start in two weeks and will take about a week to complete. The bike lane on the west side from 57 Street to 42 Street and the bus boarding islands on west side will be finished by the end of summer. The project will Improves traffic flow, quicken buses, and shorten ped crossing distances. DOT has been in constant communication and has worked closely with Community Board 4 on this plan."