114 years of sweet tradition at Glaser's Bake Shop

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More than 100 years of tradition means this bake shop is not only the oldest in the neighborhood it's also the sweetest. At Glaser's Bake Shop, in Yorkville, not much has changed over the years and that's just the way its customers like it. 

From the tin ceiling to the antique tile floors, it's clear this place is time-honored. The bake shop was started by John Glaser who emigrated from Germany and brought his family's recipes with him. An old photo that hangs in the bake shop was taken on opening day in 1902.

After years of serving New Yorkers, John's son Herbert took over. Of course he baked his own cake for his wedding day.

These days, you'll find Herbie Jr. in the back, working the dough. He and his brother John are third generation bakers. He had planned to be a dentist, but baking was in his blood.

Glaser's is constantly written up for its brownies and black and white cookies. 

Joanne Hooper has worked here for 25 years.  Now 70, every one of her birthday cakes since she was 2 years old has been made here and that tradition continues for other families today.