Illusionist performs intimate performances at Manhattan hotel

Scottish illusionist Scott Silven is back mystifying audiences in an intimate performance of "At The Illusionist's Table" at the mysterious McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea. 

"I grew up in the lowlands of Scotland. And Scotland is a place of myth and mystery being such a big part of its identity. So being a little kid growing up in that area, I was so curious to discover the secrets of these stories."

Silven's grandfather taught him his first illusion when he was five years old, and Scott styled "At The Illusionist Table" after his grandpa's Scottish lodge. 

"It feels truly magical before the show has actually begun. It’s a bit of a time travel – a portal that you’re stepping into." 

Compared to Scott’s stage shows -- this is an intimate performance with magic and a magnificent meal. 

"You’re drinking the whiskey from the childhood area that I grew up in… you’re eating comforting food, and each step of the show leads the audience deeper and deeper into the narrative. 

The dinners are selling out with up to 28 guests per performance... chock-full of illusion and magic. 

Learn more about Scott Silven and "At The Illusionist’s Table" at the McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea.