How do you become a sommelier?

Most people like wine. Some, even love it. And then there are those that are obsessed with it.

Cue the title "Master Sommelier." There are only about 270 Master Sommeliers in the world. It is practically an impossible title to achieve but all master sommeliers start at the same level.

The course to become a sommelier (steps below Master Sommelier) starts right in Midtown Manhattan, at the first professional wine organization in the US. The Sommelier Society of America (SSA) has been producing sommeliers since 1954.

They offer top-notch wine education courses, wine-tasting events, and alumni networking. This class is small and intimate and ranges from serious wine professionals to people from outside the food and wine beverage industry that just want to learn more about wine.

It is a 22-week long commitment where students meet once a week in the evening to cover wine regions and tastings from all over the globe.

Dylan York, Principal at SSA says the doors are open to everyone.

"It’s like everyone is energized about wine, they’re passionate about it and the education around this is fun for anybody," York says. "It opens up your world to travel and different languages, to different culture, all through one bottle of wine."

The best part about joining a class with like-minded people at SSA is that you make friends for life.

For almost half a year you form bonds with classmates and teachers alike. The small setting encourages tasting groups and field trips but the limited number of seats easily can put people on a waiting list to enroll.

For adults, it’s just like going back to college, just with a much better glass of wine in your hand this time around.

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