Do you think you can do a DYI rug?

D-I-Y Is what's trending right now and making your own candles and tufting your own rug are gaining in popularity.

At "Wick and Pour" you can create an amazing candle, customized for you, by you.

The new location on Mott Street is popular with people celebrating their birthdays. It's also great for a date.

The first order of business is picking a vessel, then from a huge selection, you choose two scents. There's lots of variety, like "Love Spell" and "Feeling Fall", even a food-based scent called "Ramen".

After picking your scents, you add a wick to your vessel and you're ready to start measuring. Once the scents are combined, you add ten point five ounces of candle wax.

You can also add food coloring to turn your candle a different color, like amber. Other add on’s include colored pixie dust, which adds a little shimmer and tiny dried flowers for a little character.

 You can name your candle, then it's whisked away for curing, a process that takes about 15 minutes.

Once your candle is complete, you must wait at least 24 hours to burn it. If you'd like more information on Wick and Pour and its New York City locations, log onto,

You can also tuft your own rug, choosing any design you like. Rug tufting is the latest TikTok craze and "Scattered Kind" is all over it.

The workshops at "Scattered Kind" are the brainchild of owner Andrew Kim, who worked in digital marketing until the pandemic hit.

He reevaluated his life and left the corporate world behind. What started out as a side passion, became a full-time job.

Kim has even made safety improvements to the tufting gun, creating a hard plastic shell, which covers the open parts of the gun.

Kim prepares your frame and supervises you, but you do all the work. In order to tuft correctly, you have to hold the gun steady and press down hard. Workshops cost $249, which includes a prepared frame with your chosen design.

Kim insists anyone can master tufting. The coordinated and uncoordinated.

Tufting isn't tough, it's fun. Turns out, if you can dream it, you can create it, win-win. For more information on the workshops at "Scattered Kind", log onto,