NJ Now: Issues impacting residents

In this episode of NJ Now, a look at some of the major issues impacting residents in the Garden State! Everything from education and the economy to energy and transportation! A few critics, advocates and lawmakers say the systems for each have been and continue to be broken, with many calling on Trenton to fix the problems! A recently launched non-profit is stepping forward to present bi-partisan solutions. Rosemary Becchi, founder and president of New Jersey Policy Institute talks about the efforts of the non-profit. Also, there are so many issues families and individuals are facing -- food insecurity, childcare, housing, healthcare, mental health support, and much more. Despite the number of support services available, New Jersey residents may not be aware of them, or even how to reach out. A statewide campaign is looking to resolve that. Melissa Acree, CEO of NJ 211, talks about the resources available. And, in the years since the pandemic, the traditional office work model has been completely restructured! Whether it is working from home or some form of hybrid, we have all entered a new world on how we get our jobs done! Now a company is looking to change that, by creating a new type of environment where everyone can flourish! Citi Medina, founder of Equal Space, talks about the unique model for office and community.

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