William Anders: The astronaut who captured the famous 'Earthrise' photo

Retired astronaut William Anders, who passed away in a plane crash on Friday, captured the iconic "Earthrise" photo during the Apollo 8 mission on December 24, 1968, providing a new perspective on Earth's beauty and fragility and becoming a symbol of the environmental movement.

1st annual space piracy conference aims to combat space crime and smuggling

The First Annual Space Piracy Conference, scheduled for early next year by the Center for the Study of Space Crime, Policy, and Governance (CSCPG), will gather experts to address growing concerns of space crime and smuggling, discussing risks and solutions from various perspectives.

Moon will 'kiss' Saturn on May 31 and other summer sky events to watch

On May 31, sky lovers can witness a stunning celestial event as the Moon will appear to "kiss" Saturn in the southeastern sky just before dawn, offering a rare and captivating visual spectacle for amateur astronomers and stargazers, with several other noteworthy celestial events occurring this year.