Opioid overdose deaths fall in New York

Deaths from opioid overdoses have declined in New York, according to new data. The CDC reported in July that preliminary numbers show overdose deaths last year likely fell for the first time in nearly three decades.

Companies reach tentative deal to settle opioids lawsuit

(AP) -- The nation's three dominant drug distributors and a big drugmaker have reached a tentative deal to settle a lawsuit related to the opioid crisis just as the first federal trial over the crisis was due to begin Monday, according to a lead lawyer for the local governments suing the drug industry.

NYC opioid epidemic

Health officials say ground zero for New York City's opioid epidemic has shifted from Staten Island to the South Bronx. The neighborhood is being hard hit with drug overdoses. While the NYPD, Health Department officials, and city leaders are activating new approaches the residents are trying to sidestep the fallout.