Crime in the City full episode: June 9, 2023

A look at some of the more notable crimes across the New York City area this week, including a thwarted kidnapping, a gunman opening fire in a Queens restaurant, two different cases of people shoved onto subway tracks, and a new tool to fight the opioid crisis.

Jersey Shore water rescue

Multiple neighboring police departments including the U.S. Coast Guard, Avon-by-the-Sea First Aid Squad, and Area Network of Shore Water Emergency Responders were at the scene.

NJ water rescue

According to police one swimmer was rescued with the help of divers and jet skis in operation. Another swimmer is still missing and officials are circling the area searching for signs of life.

NYC air quality update: Smoke begins to clear

After days of smoke and smog, New Yorkers are more than ready to get back to normal. Schools cancelled classes and outdoor activities were postponed as experts cautioned to stay inside. The air quality today though is significantly better and the hope is that it will continue to improve into the weekend. Fox 5 NY's Briella Tomassetti reports.

Canadian wildfires continue to burn

Canada's fire season is just getting started, and officials say it's the worst on record, burning an area that is already more 12 times as large as the 10-year average for this time of year.

Do subways have NYC's worst air quality?

Going underground may not save you from New York City's poor air quality. According to researchers, the quality of air in the city's subways may actually be worse than outdoors.

NY legislative session coming to an end

New York's Legislative Session ends this week, and it seems little progress is being made by lawmakers on issues like New York City's housing shortage, Sammy's Law, and changing the name of the Mario Cuomo Bridge.

NYC air quality better, but not great

New York City's air quality improved Thursday, but officials are still warning residents to be careful and continue wearing masks outdoors as it is still not healthy.