Protesters challenge Zionists on NYC subway

On Monday, Pro-Palestinian protesters in New York were heard chanting "Raise your hand if you're a Zionist" while riding the subway as part of a "day of rage for Gaza." (Credit: StatusCoup via Storyful)

NYPD officer shot at Woodbridge, NJ hotel

FOX 5 NY has learned an NYPD officer, as well as a New Jersey officer, were shot overnight at a hotel complex in Woodbridge. FOX 5 NY's Briella Tomassetti has the latest.

Antisemitic graffiti on the rise

The NYPD is investigating a string of antisemitic vandalism taking place across NYC. FOX 5 NY’s Lissette Nuñez has the story.

Officer-involved shooting investigation

Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that happened around midnight at a hotel complex in Woodbridge, NJ. FOX 5 NY's Briella Tomassetti has the latest.

Shooting investigation in Woodbridge, NJ

New York and New Jersey officials responded to reports of a shooting around midnight at a hotel complex in Woodbridge. FOX 5 NY's Briella Tomassetti has the details.

Canal Street 'superfakes' exhibit opens

Canal Street is known as a Mecca for counterfeit goods, especially handbags, and as Teresa Priolo shows, a new exhibit that looks like a real store, complete with a window display, is capitalizing ont hat reputation and showing off fake designer handbags that look like the real deal.

Hot 97 celebrates Summer Jam 2024

This year's Hot 97 Summer Jam 2024 was no ordinary concert, it marked the 30th anniversary of the highly anticipated annual event that has helped shape the landscape of hip hop music and culture.

Increased dementia rates among 9/11 heroes: Study

9/11 first responders may have a higher risk for developing dementia, according to a new study. And as FOX 5 NY's Jessica Formoso shows, not only are they more vulnerable, they're also more likely to get dementia earlier than those who were not exposed to deadly toxins.

Congestion pricing pause backlash in Queens

Some people in New York City's outer boroughs are saying they feel betrayed by the pause on congestion pricing, arguing that Governor Kathy Hochul had promised to use the money for much-needed infrastructure upgrades, including elevators to make subway stations more accessible.

Sandy Hook shooting survivors graduate

About 60 survivors of one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history celebrated a bittersweet and somber high school graduation day on Wednesday in Newtown, Connecticut.

Times Square clinic to be honored at Tony Awards

The Tony Awards are this coming Sunday, recognizing the best on Broadway, and this year, a special award will be presented to a health clinic dedicated to serving the theater community. FOX 5 NY's Chris Welch has the story.

'Superfakes' exhibit

Canal Street is famous for its vendors selling fake designer handbags. Some of them look so similar to the real thing, they’ve become known as “superfakes”. Those superfakes are now being highlighted in a new exhibit put on by luxury retail company the Real Real. FOX 5 NY’s Teresa Priolo shows us they’re hoping to draw attention to what they say is a counterfeit crisis.

Suffolk County red light camera program to end

Suffolk county's red light camera program is set to end in December after a bill to extend it for five years failed in the state legislature, which could spell $8M in financial trouble for the county. FOX 5 NY's Jodi Goldberg has the story.

Broker fee debate

The future of broker fees took center stage at City Hall on Wednesday. Dueling rallies were held outside as council members weighed a proposal that would shift the burden of these fees onto the person who hires the broker. FOX 5 NY’s Chris Welch takes a closer look at the arguments both and against the proposal.